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Tom Cruise Visits Suri in New York City

Suri Cruise is visiting with her father. Tom and the 6-year-old were reunited Tuesday in NYC. The two haven’t been seen together since Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom three weeks ago.

The “Rock of Ages” star was photographed carrying his daughter into a hotel. An eyewitness told People, “Tom looked really happy.”

Although Tom and Suri have reportedly been video chatting regularly, “He’s been dying to see her” a source told the magazine. Aside from his split with Katie, the separation from Suri was largely due to his shooting schedule.
His new film, “Oblivion,” took the star as far as Iceland and later to Mammoth Lakes, Calif. The film wrapped Saturday night and it appears Tom made it a priority to fly to New York right away to see his little girl.
Daddy and daughter will spend several days together, according to People.
Katie has primary custody of Suri, while Tom reportedly has liberal visitation.