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Casey Anthony to Piers Morgan: 'I Didn’t Kill My Daughter...'

CNN’s Piers Morgan conducted the first interview with Casey Anthony since her acquittal last July in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

The “Piers Morgan Tonight” host took to his Twitter account to announce that he had spoken over the phone to the most reviled mother in America, writing that the “Tot-Mom” told him, “I didn't kill my daughter... but I'm ashamed of the person that I was.”

He also tweeted, “More from my Casey Anthony exclusive: ‘I was a stupid kid… but I've never been a 'party girl'... and I've gone through hell’” and then, “Casey Anthony (4th take): ‘There's no-one I love more than my daughter... she's my greatest accomplishment.'”

During the show, Piers read more excerpts from his interview with Casey and spoke with her attorney J. Cheney Mason. He described his client's life in hiding, how she dislikes reality TV, avoids the news and is currently reading the "Hunger Games."

"She'll read books. She'll watch movies," Mason explained. "She of course doesn't watch the news. Though she told you she'll watch this."

Anthony is still living in Florida and has reportedly gained so much weight she is unrecognizable, says RadarOnline.com.

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