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Bieber Fever Causes Chaos in Norway, Dozens Injured

Justin Bieber’s free concert in Oslo, Norway almost didn’t happen. Fans flooded the city nearly forcing police to declare a state of emergency.

Things started to look ugly when Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, tweeted at fans, “The streets are filled … the bridges are closed. It is out of control. We may have to start the show early or they will cancel. #bieberfever” However, the show did go on.

Bieber, 18, took the stage early to perform six songs for the crowd, but despite tweets reminding followers, “Your safety comes first,” 49 Beliebers were injured and 14 taken by ambulance for emergency care, according to TMZ.

Oslo Mayor Fabian Stang is looking into the matter, telling TMZ, "I have already called on the Emergency Planning Agency to examine the entire event from the planning stage to its implementation. We have to find out what went wrong and why it happened."

For Bieber, the chaos didn’t stop after the concert. As he left the show via police boat, his fans were close on his tail, speeding behind him as he was whisked away. Check out the video!

The teen idol and his “Justin Bieber Believe: All Around the World” tour, which will air June 21 on NBC, have moved on to Paris. On Thursday morning he greeted supporters on Twitter, writing, “Thanks to all the fans at the airport and at the hotel. amazing welcome. happy to be here and look forward to some surprises. Je t'aime.”

Between the fans and his recent paparazzo scuffle, the Biebs might want to blow off some steam with Apple's controversial new app "Angry Biebers," which depicts the star killing paparazzi!