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Steven Tyler and Jordin Sparks Say Phillip Phillips to Win 'American Idol'

After the "American Idol" finalists performed for the last time Tuesday night, "Extra" went backstage to ask America's burning question: "Who is going to be crowned the season 11 champ?"

When judge Steven Tyler was asked his prediction of Georgia boy Phillip Phillips or 16-year-old Jessica Sanchez, he said, "I would say Phillip. Plus, I think that Phillip is going to… he's going to be a big actor too."
Phillips commented on Tyler's remark, "An actor? I don't know I get nervous... I hate talking in front of people!"

"Extra" also met up with former "American Idol" winner Jordin Sparks' boyfriend, singer Jason Derulo, who told us that Sparks is Team Phillips. They even have a wager on the event. "If she wins, I have to cook something for her. And if I win, she has to massage my feet. She hates feet."
Host Ryan Seacrest commented on the rumor that "AI" judge Jennifer Lopez is planning to leave the show. "She loves this show. She loves sitting there and she loves nurturing those contestants."  
Will the winner be Phillip Phillips or Jessica Sanchez? Find out Wednesday night at 8PM on FOX.