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Who Won 'Survivor'?

After 39 days, 18 people dwindled to just 1 on the 24th season of CBS's competitive reality series "Survivor: One World."

It was announced Sunday night that 29-year-old bridal shop owner Kim Spradlin won the million-dollar prize. Spradlin was a powerhouse throughout the competition, physically and strategically beating her competitors to the finish line.

Spradlin said of watching herself on the series, "I thought there's no way [I'm winning]. Something's up. Something's wrong. When you're out there on the island, you get really paranoid, and you carry that back into your life. So I feel like I came back concerned that I wasn't getting [the win]."

She continued, "At the very end of the final tribal council… was the first time where I really thought I could win this… up until then, I hadn't heard the jury speak. I had no idea how mad they were going to be."

The next season of "Survivor" is set for the Philippines and is slated to bring back three former all-stars -- fans speculating Kim Spradlin will be one of them.