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Heidi Klum on Broken Toes and How to Wear Skintight Dresses

“Extra” host Maria Menounos talked with Heidi Klum about how the supermodel broke her toe before attending the 2012 Costume Institute Gala… and her secret to arriving in a crease-free, skintight dress!

“I hobbled along at the Met ball,” laughed Klum. “Pose, hobble, hobble, pose.” She explained she broke it at her daughter Leni’s birthday party. “There was kind of this weight on the bottom of the umbrella and clumsy old me ran right into it.”

Heidi gives a very handy tip on how to keep your glamorous gown in pristine shape on the way to an event. “See, people don't know what happens or how you lay in the car getting there. I usually lay flat in the back of the limo -- or you have to go sideways.”

As for juggling life with four small children, Klum said it isn’t always easy. “Especially in the morning when everyone wants something different. It’s not like pancakes for everyone; it’s Nutella bread for one and oatmeal for the other.”
Her Mother’s Day plans? “We will probably be at home… nothing too crazy.” Maria chimed in, “Pancakes for everybody!” Heidi laughed, “Yes, it’s easy.

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