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Bobby Brown on Whitney: 'I Coulda Done Something Different'

Singer Bobby Brown appeared on the “Today” show Wednesday, talking about his relationship with Whitney Houston -- and how he harbors some regrets.
"I coulda done something different, you know -- to ensure that she had a longer life,” Brown told “Today” show host Matt Lauer. “But ... you have to want it, you know?"

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But he believed the two loved each other, even after their turbulent marriage ended in 2006. "Our relationship was great. I had 14 beautiful, beautiful years with that woman. I can honestly say that -- I loved that woman with -- with everything that I am. And I believe she loved me the same way."
Brown told Lauer he would be remarrying "soon," but added he will always love Whitney. “My fiancée knows how I felt about that woman. My kids know how I feel... how I felt about Whitney. It's not a secret, you know? I was in love with her deeply."