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Halle Berry on Relocation Plans to Protect Family

“Extra’s” Terri Seymour sat down exclusively with Halle Berry at the Jenesse Center's Silver Rose Gala to discuss her plans to move out of the US, and how the media has impacted her family.

Seymour asked the Oscar winner if she believes her life would be different for daughter Nahla if they lived in another country. “Yeah, there are laws like in France, which is the reason I want go there,” said Berry. “Laws that protect children, protect right to privacy. All I want is for my family and myself to have a normal life. When I'm not at work, that’s very important to me.”

Halle also talked in depth with Seymour about the constant media attention her family receives and her need to protect her daughter, who should not be a target for the press. The actress explained, “It’s not one photographer hiding in the bushes, it's 20, 30 very close to us, causing commotion. I'm not complaining about me. I'm an adult; I can handle it. But children should not be subject to that. It's just wrong.”
Tune in to “Extra” Thursday, April 26 for more of our exclusive interview.