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Video! Christie Brinkley on the Brink! Weeps on 'Today' Show

An emotional Christie Brinkley teared-up as she told "Today's" Matt Lauer that she "just wants peace" in the bitter divorce battle with ex-husband Peter Cook.

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The Broadway star was quizzed by Lauer about the ongoing animosity with her ex, and pointed out the couple split over four years ago. Lauer said, "Some might turn the other cheek," to which Christie replied, "I have turned the other cheek."

Brinkley maintained that Cook sent her bullying emails and did not pay for child support for their daughter, Sailor. The "Chicago" actress revealed, "[Peter] actually likes the publicity, and he likes going to court."

She added, "Since the day that he realized I wasn't coming back, there has been a real character assassination going on."

Christie insisted she did not publicly "castrate" him and smear his image, as Cook told ABC News in an interview earlier this month. Brinkley explained, "I had offers for a sympathetic show from Oprah... everybody asked me to come on and I did not do it."

Cook, an architect, is Brinkley's fourth husband. The pair married in 1996 and divorced in 2008, following revelations that he had an affair with a young assistant.