The Extra List: The Best Big Screen Boyfriends

Love is in the air... and hearts melted for these leading Hollywood men who starred as these lovable boyfriends in some of the most romantic movies ever. Check it out!

The Best Big Screen Boyfriends

The Best Big Screen Boyfriends

Hugh Grant

Character: William ThackerFilm: "Notting Hill"Co-star: Julia Roberts as Anna ScottWhy couldn't a high-profile Hollywood A-lister fall in love with a timid bookstore owner?William Thacker was enamored with the beautiful and famous Anna Scott, and it was Thacker's charm and pure heart that captivated not only Anna, but female audiences everywhere.

Michael Cera

Character: Paulie BleekerFilm: "Juno"Co-star: Ellen Page as Juno MacGruffWhen witty high school student, Juno, gets knocked up by Paulie Bleeker, their relationship is changed forever.Paulie's shy and passive personality makes a perfect fit with his expressive and sarcastic baby mama and girlfriend, Juno.

Adam Sandler

Character: Henry RothFilm: "50 First Dates"Co-star: Drew Barrymore as Lucy WhitmoreWhat girl wouldn't want a boyfriend to relentlessly pursue her even though she can't remember anything past one day?That's how Lucy and Henry Roth ended up married with kids.Spoiler alert: Roth finally creates a video for Lucy, and in it, he summarizes their lives together, and plays it for Lucy each morning after she wakes up. How romantic!

Robert Pattinson

Character: Edward CullenFilm: "Twilight"Co-star: Kristen Stewart as Bella SwanWhen a vampire falls for a human... watch out!The mysterious Edward Cullen and Bella Swan share their forbidden love story throughout three "Twlight" movies.The film boosted Robert Pattinson to heartthrob status and top pick for Big Screen Boyfriend!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Character: Jack DawsonFilm: "Titanic"Co-star: Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt BukaterJack Dawson is the ultimate Big Screen Boyfriend... making sure his love, Rose, was safely out of the icy Atlantic waters after escaping the sinking ship.Can you blame Rose for never forgetting him?

Tom Cruise

Character: Jerry MaguireFilm: "Jerry Maguire"Co-star: Renee Zellweger as Dorothy BoydHearts melted when sports agent boyfriend, Jerry Maguire, told Dorothy, "You had me at hello."Dorothy confessed her love for Jerry in a long speech that began with, "Hello."

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Character: Tom HansenFilm: "500 Days of Summer"Co-star: Zooey Deschanel as Summer FinnWhen hopeless romantic Tom Hansen fell for Summer, he fell hard.Summer warned even warned him not to get too attached, and although it didn't end up working out, Tom learned a valuable lesson: falling in love again is easy.

Michael Schoeffling

Character: Jake RyanFilm: "16 Candles"Co-star: Molly Ringwald as Samantha BakerJake Ryan... he's the hottest guy in school, drives a Porsche and is dating the most gorgeous blonde in their class... until he takes notice of sophomore Samantha Baker.Jake shows up at Samantha's house with a birthday cake and gives her the most romantic kiss ever seen in the '80s.Can you say dream boyfriend?!

Colin Firth

Character: Mark DarcyFilm: "Bridget Jones' Diary"Co-star: Renee Zellweger as Bridget JonesYes, their relationship started off a bit awkward, with Mark Darcy's lingering stares at Bridget Jones -- she wasn't sure what it all meant.Turns out Mark is the rock-solid boyfriend Bridget needed!

Cary Elwes

Character: WesleyFilm: "The Princess Bride"Co-star: Robin Wright as ButtercupIn this classic love story involving a beautiful princess and her servant-boy-turned-brave-hero, Buttercup is rescued from a life of unhappiness by her clever beau, Wesley.Wesley is definitely #1 boyfriend material.

Matthew Broderick

Character: Ferris BuellerFilm: "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"Co-star: Mia Sara as Sloane PetersonWhen Ferris Bueller misses a day of school, he makes sure he goes all out.Outsmarting the suspicious adults in his life with his charm and '80s technology, Bueller whisks his girlfriend, Sloan, and best friend Cameron Frye, for a day of adventure, mischief and careless fun.

John Cusack

Character: Lloyd DoblerFilm: "Say Anything"Co-star: Ione Skye as Diane CourtIn one of his most endearing roles, John Cusack is Lloyd Dobler, the noble underachiever who falls for the class valedictorian, Diane Court, before she goes off to college.This movie gave deeper meaning to holding a boombox and playing "Your Eyes," by Peter Gabriel.

Ben Stiller

Character: TedFilm: "There's Something About Mary"Co-star: Cameron Diaz as MaryWho knew a nerd like Ted could end up with a girl like Mary?Ted, who was hopelessly in love with Mary since high school, is determined to win her over with his boyish appeal and sincerity.His boyfriend qualities are almost too perfect - he even befriends Mary's special needs brother, Warren.

Steve Carell

Character: AndyFilm: "The 40 Year Old Virgin"Co-star: Catherine Keener as TrishWhen Trish started dating Andy, she had no idea what she was in for, but couldn't resist his innocence and boyish qualities. After all, he was a video game geek and virgin.Spoiler alert: Andy finally sheds the title of virgin.

Billy Crystal

Character: Harry BurnsFilm: "When Harry Met Sally"Co-star: Meg Ryan as Sally AlbrightWhen Harry tells Sally men and women can't be friends because sex eventually gets in the way, Sally is determined to prove him wrong. By the time she does, the two pals have discovered that it's love, not lust, that really trips them up.

John Corbett

Character: Ian MillerFilm: "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"Co-star: Nia Vardalos as Toula PortokalosWhen Toula Portokalos wants to marry Ian Miller, a non-Greek, her traditional Greek family wants to get involved in the wedding plans.Throughout the planning process, Ian proves he has the patience, love and understanding, to stay with Toula... which definitely makes him a keeper.

Eddie Murphy

Character: Prince AkeemFilm: "Coming to America"Co-star: Shari Headley as Lisa McDowellWhen an African prince comes to NYC searching for his bride, only good things can happen!An unassuming Prince Akeem shows Lisa McDowell that being virtuous is more important than having wealth.Spoiler alert: yes, she becomes a princess.

Bill Murray

Character: PhilFilm: "Groundhog Day"Co-star: Andie McDowell as RitaPhil gets a best boyfriend award for trying desperately to win Rita over, as he re-lives the same day over and over.

Richard Gere

Character: Edward LewisFilm: "Pretty Woman"Co-star: Julia Roberts as Vivan WardA movie about a hooker and wealthy businessman falling in love doesn't lend itself to being the most conventional love story... unless it's starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.In this '90s Cinderella fairytale, Edward Lewis whisks away a struggling prostitute, Vivan Ward, into his powerful world of wealth, fast cars and expensive hotels.Despite a few rough patches, they lived happily ever after.

Ryan Gosling

Character: Noah CalhounFilm: "The Notebook"Co-star: Rachel McAdams as Allie HamiltonIn the film, an older Noah shares a very familiar love story to Allie - who struggles with her memory. Although the two had a rocky start, they managed to happily stay together for years to come.Who wouldn't want to grow old with Ryan Gosling?