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Video! Brad Pitt Talks Negative Oscar Campaigning at 'Daily Show'

Brad Pitt, who received a Best Actor nomination for "Moneyball," alongside pal George Clooney, nominated for his role in "The Descendants," offered a solution for the Academy Award campaign.  

On Wednesday, Pitt appeared on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," and suggested that the Oscars start participating in negative campaigning, similar to the presidential candidates. "I thought about it. Clooney took Iowa, New Hampshire. Jean [Dujardin] took South Carolina. Florida would probably go to [Gary] Oldman... I gotta get in there and mix it up a bit I think."

The sexy star added, "I think we should just put a trophy on the table, and like one of those car contests, we should just put our hands on it and see who can hold it the longest."

Brad's appearance caused a frenzied scene outside "The Daily Show" studios, where he greeted fans and signed autographs.

In more Pitt talk, David Letterman joked with Howard Stern Wednesday about how the Oscar nominee won't make an appearance on the "Late Show" -- and Letterman gave Stern the $120 he had been offering the "Moneyball" star in the hope of persuading him to appear on the show.