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Entertainers of the Year for 2011

"Extra" asked for your votes on your favorite entertainers of 2011 -- and the top five choices have been made!

"The Twilight Saga" cast, which ranked No. 2 on "Extra's" Entertainer of the Year list in 2010, comes in at No. 5.

Coming in at No. 4 on "Extra's" Entertainer of the Year list is the fabulous cast of the hilarious "Modern Family."

Take a look at the Women in Comedy for 2011, who made No. 3 on our list!

It makes sense that the enduring and magical "Harry Potter" franchise would rank No. 2 on our Entertainer of the Year list (last year the cast made No. 1!)

And our No. 1 Entertainer of the Year is Ryan Gosling -- duh!