Kristen Stewart Says Bella and Edward Stay Married Longer Than 72 Days

It doesn't look like "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" star Kristen Stewart is keeping up with the Kardashians.

"Extra" correspondent Terri Seymour joked that she hoped the marriage between Edward and Bella lasts longer than 72 days. "We're definitely married longer than 72 days," Stewart said, but then paused, "Wait, can you just remind me what is the 72 days thing?"

When the actress was told it's the length of time Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were married, Stewart laughed, "Have I just been a huge a**hole?" The wedding between the sexy vampire and his blushing human bride is pretty spectacular in "Breaking Dawn, Part 1" -- so much so that Stewart admitted to being very emotional during the scene. "I never expected this to feel this way, do you know what I mean? Yeah, definitely different to any other emotion or anxiety that I've had." Does Stewart fear she may not top that wedding in real life? "I'm not too worried about it to be honest. It's fine," she replied. As for her hand injury, the "Twilight" beauty told Seymour it happened on the set of her new movie, "Snow White and the Huntsman." Kristen explained, "I was getting attacked by the dwarves -- and I ended up punching myself." Check out Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and the rest of the "Twilight" gang when "Breaking Dawn, Part 1" rises to theaters November 18.