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Jennifer Lopez's Emotional Moment Onstage: 'I'm Just a Regular Person'

Singer Jennifer Lopez broke down in tears while performing at the Mohegan Sun's 15th anniversary celebration on Saturday in Connecticut, and "Extra's" Maria Menounos was with her backstage right after the weepy moment.


Lopez, who recently split from husband Marc Anthony, launched into a song while dancers reenacted scenes from her love life. A Lopez lookalike danced with guys who looked a lot like her exes Diddy, CrisJudd, Ben Affleck -- and finally, Anthony.

After the song, Lopez told the sold-out crowd, "I took a trip down memory lane" -- and then started to cry as the crowd gave her a standing ovation.

The "American Idol" judge told Menounos, "I'm just a regular person like everybody else. I have feelings and emotions."

Lopez continued, "My life goes great -- and it goes not great sometimes... but you know what, we keep going, and that's what it is. I think they thought that's what the message was."

Explaining the re-enactment number in the show, Jennifer explained, "You know what it was, we wanted to do a section of the show that talked about love and through it, I go through different moments in my life.

The "On the Floor" singer also said in the show that she saw her mother in the audience and it brought up more emotions. "I didn't see her the whole time, until this one moment, and I was a little bit emotional."

Menounos said she saw J.Lo's mom dancing. "Now I know where you get your rhythm," said the "Extra" host. Lopez replied, "She's something!"

Ultimately, Lopez wanted the concert to be about love. "It's a beautiful thing. Life is a beautiful thing. Love is a beautiful thing."

Does she believe in fairy tale endings? "The fairy tale ending is that you're good no matter what. You have to be good with you! You have to be okay on your own, and then you can share a life with somebody else."