Health and Beauty: Cancer Patient's Life Saved after Watching 'Extra'

Battling stage 3 ovarian cancer, Marcia Scheidler was diagnosed with the disease in 2005, and was "trying almost every drug there is." At the time, Scheidler was relying solely on chemotherapy to get better, but learned about a different kind of treatment when she saw Dr. Robert Nagourney on an episode of "Extra" in 2009.

Marcia recalled, "Mario Lopez came on and said, 'Our next story is about a doctor who has had a success story with ovarian cancer treatments,' and my head spun around because that's what I've been fighting for four years."

Dr. Nagourney, who is known for pioneering the use of "functional profiling" to create the world's first personalized cancer program, was able to see Scheidler, and after receiving his treatment, Marcia is happy to report she is cancer-free and credits the doc with saving her life.

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