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Video! Oprah's #1 Regret Revealed

Oprah Winfrey returns to TV in a new show, "Oprah's Lifeclass," and she revealed she's not drinking piña coladas and "sittin' around."

The busy OWN CEO was on the set of "Oprah's Lifeclass," saying she regrets that infamous moment on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" when she rolled out the fat wagon holding 67 pounds while wearing her skinny Calvin Klein jeans.

"I regret not only that I set myself up, but that I set a whole lot of other people up too," Winfrey explained. "When I look back at that show, I think... biggest ego trip of my life."

The Oprah Effect: By the Numbers

One of Oprah's producers told her, "I was shocked by what you said about the fat wagon." The queen of talk replied, "I didn't even know that I had an ego. I thought it was way checked at the door."

Check out Oprah's behind-the-scenes video, and stay tuned for "Oprah's Lifeclass," premiering October 10 on OWN.

Oprah's Greatest Celebrity Moments


Oprah's 1986 interview with extraordinary pianist, Liberace, was his last -- as he died of AIDS-related complications six weeks later. Winfrey has called him one of her favorite guests.

Elizabeth Taylor

In 1988, Oprah interviewed Elizabeth Taylor, who specifically requested the talk show host to refrain from discussing her seven marriages. Winfrey teased, "I declare, you've got to stop talking so much, Ms. Taylor!"

Michael Jackson

In 1993, Oprah ventured off to Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch for his first interview in 14 years. Jackson revealed candid details about his skin color, plastic surgery, his relationships and children.

Mary Tyler Moore

One of Winfrey's role models is Mary Tyler Moore's character -- an independent, career-minded woman -- on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." In 2008 "The Oprah Show" recreated Tyler's set on the Harpo Studio stage and invited the entire cast.

James Frey

In 2006, Book Club author James Frey admitted he invented and embellished parts of his memoir, "A Million Little Pieces." Oprah confronted him on her show and said, "I feel duped, but more importantly, I feel that you betrayed millions of readers." Frey's career has since recovered, but he lost a book deal in the aftermath.

Sidney Poitier

As the first African American actor to receive an Academy Award, Sidney Poitier visited Oprah's show in 2000, after his autobiography was published. Oprah said she had watched him receive his Oscar as a 10-year-old girl and was incredibly inspired. She later wrote on her website, "I remember thinking that if he could do that, I wonder what I could do."

Tina Turner

Oprah had said she always dreamed of singing with superstar Tina Turner on stage. Her dream came true during the 2000 launch party for her magazine, "O, The Oprah Magazine."

Mackenzie Phillips

In a shocking 2009 interview, Mackenzie Phillips appeared on the show and spoke for the first time about her incestuous relationship with her musician father, Jon Phillips. Phillips wrote a book called, "High on Arrival," which describes her struggle with drugs and the relationship with her father.

Kirstie Alley

In a much-anticipated show, Oprah announced Kirstie Alley would lose weight and show off her slimmer body on the show wearing nothing but a bikini. The actress kept her promise and in November of 2006, strutted down Winfrey's stage in a brown two-piece.

Lisa Marie Presley

In 2005 Lisa Marie Presley sat down with Oprah to discuss her difficult teenage years, struggle with drugs, and short-lived marriage to Nicolas Cage.

Tom Cruise

In one of the most memorable and talked about episodes, an ecstatic Tom Cruise jumped up and down on Winfrey's couch, proclaiming his love for Katie Holmes in 2005.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston opened up to Oprah in a 2009 interview and disclosed her tumultuous 14-year marriage to Bobby Brown and battle with drugs.

Chris Rock

Chris Rock made his "Oprah Show" debut in 1997, and is one of Oprah's all-time favorite guests. Oprah said, "I just love the way his mind works."

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, recently topping Ms. Winfrey on the "Forbes Most Powerful" list, performed on the "Oprah Show" in January 2010.

Celine Dion

World famous singer, Celine Dion, goes down as Oprah's most frequent celebrity guest -- appearing on the show 27 times! Dion first appeared on "The Oprah Show" in 1996 after Winfrey surprised an entire audience with a trip to Disney World.

J.K. Rowling

In a rare interview, Oprah flew to Scotland to sit down with billionaire Joanne "Jo" Rowling, better known as "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling. Winfrey said it was one of the most fascinating interviews she's ever done.

Cast of 'Twilight'

"Twilight" fans everywhere were glued to their television sets when Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner arrived to Harpo Studios in May 2010.