Cowell and Reid: Only the Best Will Succeed on 'X Factor'

"X Factor" judges Simon Cowell and LA Reid talked to "Extra" correspondent AJ Calloway about the contestant elimination process, as the fierce talent show narrows the competition. LA Reid explained, "I think we started out with 150 yeses. We ended up cutting that down to about 80, and then we cut the 80 down to 32."

Simon added, "This is going separate the good people from the not-so-good people."

The music executives dished about only wanting the best. Simon said, "When you know you've got to compete with Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé..." Reid chimed in, "Adele," before Cowell concluded, "You've got to be good."


LA spoke highly of soulful songstress Adele, calling her "emotional [and] beautiful." When AJ asked them to share their thoughts on mom-to-be superstar Beyoncé, Cowell replied, "I once criticized Beyoncé." (Watch the video to find out what happened!)

Cowell said the show's first season paralleled "American Idol," recalling, "It reminds me when we did 'Idol,' we didn't launch to big numbers (ratings) on 'Idol.' Bit by bit, the audience decided to talk about it, the word-of-mouth and it started to build."

Watch the heartbreak, triumph and talent unfold in Wednesday's "X Factor" on FOX.