'X Factor': Wow Factor in Miami and Dallas

Thursday night's second two-hour episode of "X Factor" hit Miami and Dallas for more auditions.

The acts worth remembering included a Vanilla Ice look-alike who belted out Elvis' "Trouble," along with some Mick Jagger/Michael Jackson moves from the talented Nick Voss. His unique and entertaining performance took him to the next round.

Melanie Amaro, 18, sang Beyonce's "Listen," and literally brought Nicole Scherzinger to tears. Amaro, whose entire family was backstage, enthusiastically cried and jumped up and down while Melanie wowed the audience... and judges.

The last performance of the evening came from Xander Alexander (real name Alexander Johnson), a sassy 27-year-old who took to the stage and spoke to the judges for a while, convincing them of his amazing talent. His playful banter may have ultimately caused his elimination, and it seemed as though Simon didn't appreciate his constant backtalk.

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