This Weekend at the Movies: Box Office Roundup

Viewers flocked to see "Lion King" in 3-D this weekend. The family film took the number one spot at box offices this weekend, beating out all other films in theaters across the country -- proving that the story is still a hit 17 years after its original release.


The 3-D version of the film will only be in theaters for a two-week period of time. "Lion King" brought in $29.3 million domestically, as estimated by Walt Disney Pictures .

"Contagion," maintained second place this weekend after its release the previous weekend. With an all-star cast, it looks like the film will be a top contender for weeks to come.

Released this weekend, "Drive," a crime drama starring Ryan Gosling took third place -- racking in $11 million.

Already in theaters for six weekends, "The Help" was the fourth highest grossing movie in theaters, while the newly released "Straw Dogs rounded out the fifth spot at the box office.

That's all folks.