'All My Children': How Will It End?

After four decades of scandal, drama and love, ABC soap "All My Children" will say goodbye in a giant finale airing September 26.

"Extra" was on the set of the beloved soap and learned fan favorite Josh Duhamel, Carol Burnett and Sarah Michelle Gellar will return for the last episode. Believe it or not, Geller will be back on "AMC" as a vampire slayer!

"AMC's" leading lady, Susan Lucci, known for playing the ageless vixen Erica Kane, has enchanted fans since 1970, and the soap queen tells "Extra" she's savored every moment. "I'm so grateful for it, believe me, I would pinch myself. Twenty-three years in, I was pinching myself saying 'wow.'"

Lucci, who turned down the offer to continue on the web series, dodged questions about whether a marriage between Erica and Jackson Montgomery would take place. Walt Willey, who plays Jackson, said, "I know there are many people who would like to see a wedding. We like to keep it like the carrot on a stick in front of the donkey."

Like any good soap, "AMC" promises a heart-pumping cliffhanger that will leave viewers salivating for more -- and fans can watch the series in its online premiere early next year.

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