'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' News: Pattinson and Stewart at Comic-Con

The 2011 Comic-Con madness is in full swing in San Diego for the "Twilight" fans -- and "Extra" is there!

Correspondent Terri Seymour got the inside scoop from stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on the final "Twilight Saga" installment, "Breaking Dawn."

Stewart says she found pivotal wedding scene in "Breaking Dawn, Part 1," to be very moving. "It felt oddly personal. There was everyone in the pews, everyone in the cast. It really was a trip, so beautiful."

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Pattinson admitted the scene was probably more taxing for Kristen. "It was much easier for me to do than for Kristen. Kristen had the difficult part because she had to go through the whole wave of emotions. I think it's generally the case for most couples. The guy is like 'Yeah, it's a really nice day. Let's go to the party afterwards!'"

The actor did say the sex scene was intense. "They were definitely interesting. They came up with cool concept on how to portray it. There's no description in the book on what it was like. It just fades to black, so hopefully this will satisfy fans of the book."

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As for being back at Comic-Con and the craziness of the "Twilight" fans, RPatzz shrugged it off. "It becomes an everyday reality. You just try and surf it as gracefully as you can and hope you don't fall down and make a fool of yourself."

Stewart was happy to return to San Diego. "It's nice to be back because we didn't get to come last year. Especially for the end, it's nice to come back to where we started. It's the only time you can see everyone in front of you, excited. They can say whatever they want in there, so it's fun."

And how do Stewart and Pattinson feel about the end of "Twilight"? Pattison said, "Well, still have another year of talking about it, but yeah, it's been a great experience." Stewart added, "I feel happy with everything's that's happened. I feel really proud of everyone and myself - and the movie. I really like it."

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1" opens in theaters November 18.