Rihanna and Hollywood Stars Send Best Wishes to Will & Kate

Not long before the royal wedding, "Extra" caught up with superstars Rihanna, Elton John, Helen Mirren and Cyndi Lauper at NYC's DKMS Annual Gala. The celebs wished the royal couple the best of luck together, as well as some solid advice for the future. Rihanna gushed, "It's marriage! It should be exciting. You guys look in love. I'm really excited for you."

Pop star Cyndi Lauper said, "Live a happy life, you know it's a long road. Be as happy as you can."

Sir Elton John, who was invited to the event, revealed, "William is a lovely boy. They're both lovely boys. Their mother would be so proud of them. So pleased that he's marrying what seems to be a really wonderful girl, so good luck to them. I'm so happy for them! I hope they have the most wonderful life together!"

"Extra's" Royal Coverage!

Having once played the royal matriarch in the 2006 film, "The Queen," actress Helen Mirren told "Extra," "I think it's a real love affair. I think they've sensibly taken the time to get to know each other. You know they've obviously had the big row and separated and then realized, no, that's the person I want to be with and that's a really good sign, I think."