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Teri Hatcher's Mystery Illness

"Desperate Housewives" star Teri Hatcher reveals she has been battling a debilitating and rare illness, telling "Extra," "I've been struggling with this thing called frozen shoulder, which is a real condition which women get. It's basically left me pretty much not functioning with my left arm... I can't hook a bra anymore."

Hatcher explains the affliction is extremely painful. To alleviate the pain, the actress is treated with cortisone shots. "I'm not asking for sympathy or anything, it could be much worse, but when you take away something like being able to pick up a bag... I really can't wait 'til it's gone so I can just exercise like crazy again, because I sort of miss it."

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Refusing to let her illness slow her down, the actress is teaming with Grain Foods Foundation to launch "The Bread Art Project," which benefits Share Our Strength, a non-profit organization that fights childhood hunger. "It's one-in-four in our country that are still going hungry," Hatcher explains.

In a unique and creative way of donating, Terri is asking fans to personalize virtual pieces of bread! "You can create a piece of toast and that will donate one dollar to Share Our Strength, and it's really fun."

Boast your toast and visit breadartproject.com.