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'Extra's' First Interview with Obama's Sister Maya

President Barack Obama's maternal half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, talked to "Extra" about their late mother, Ann Dunham, Donald Trump, and revealed an ironic family moment.

Maya said she and older brother Barack get their sense of focus from their mother, who inspired Soetoro-Ng to write her first children's book, "Ladder to the Moon." "Our mother loved the moon because she said everywhere the moon was the same... she felt a connection, sense of kinship with people from all over the world."

Maya believes that Ann, who died of uterine cancer in 1995, would be pleased with the accomplishments of her children. "I think she would love that I'm a teacher because she was a teacher. I think she would be very proud of my brother."

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Soetoro-Ng also spoke about Donald Trump's questioning of her brother's birthplace. "My brother was born in Hawaii in 1961, his birth certificate has been not only produced, but authenticated." Maya said her older brother advised his family on the matter. "He [Obama] said to us that we should not take it personally -- that we should remain steady."

When they were youngsters, Maya said Dunham used an ironic nickname for Barack. "She would jokingly call him Mr. President when he got, you know, kind of bossy or excessively self-assured for someone so young."