Frankie Muniz to 'Extra' on His Domestic Dispute: 'It Was Exaggerated Times a Million'

"Extra" caught up with actor and avid racecar driver Frankie Muniz at the Toyota Pro Celebrity Race training on Saturday. This is Frankie's fourth year in the race, and he is "really looking forward to it."

Frankie addressed the recent altercation with girlfriend Elycia Turnbow and told "Extra" the media greatly exaggerated the fight. "It was funny to read the stories or hear what was going on because it was so far from the truth. The media takes something and runs with it as far as they can, and it was comedy for us. Things were exaggerated times a million."

The actor told "Extra" of his relationship, "We've been amazing for almost four years now. I mean, all couples have arguments."

The 25-year-old will race April 16 in Long Beach alongside other stars and pro-racers to raise money for "Racing for Kids," a charity that benefits children's hospitals in the L.A. area.