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Catherine on Michael's Recovery: 'I'm Just a Happy Bunny!'

The stunning Catherine Zeta-Jones was "thrilled" to accompany her husband, cancer survivor Michael Douglas, to the Palm Springs Int'l Film Festival Thursday night where he received the festival's first Icon Award.

"It's just overwhelming how you think when you love somebody and when they go through adversity that you could love them even more," Zeta-Jones gushed to "Extra's Terri Seymour," adding, "I'm just a happy bunny!"

The Oscar-winning actress was also amazed by how Douglas' sense of humor prevailed through his cancer treatment. "His strength and humor, which is hard to believe when you go through that, that you still have a sense of humor -- and he did."

Speaking of humor, the couple joked about how Douglas' father, Kirk, always hugs Catherine first. "He does that on a regular basis. But I thought at this particular time he would've gone straight to Michael but nooo..." laughed Catherine, with Michael adding, "He never stops. He just turned 94. He's still just lights up. 'Catherine! Forget about you, Michael.'"

As for the future, Zeta-Jones said, "It's a big sigh of relief for us all. So onward and upward!"