'Extra's' Last Interview with Elizabeth Edwards

"Extra's" Lauren Sanchez talked with Elizabeth Edwards at the Stand Up to Cancer event in September, where Edwards showed her optimism and strength in dealing with the disease that claimed her life on Tuesday.

"If cancer decides to take me, I'm going to own the days between now and then," Edwards told Sanchez. "Every day that you are alive, you are a survivor."

The wife of former Senator John Edwards credited her "great network" of family and friends with helping her cope not only with terminal cancer, but with her personal troubles with her marriage as well.

In Elizabeth's last TV interview, talk show host Nate Berkus asked if she forgave her estranged husband, John, for his infidelities. "Forgiveness is a hard word, but we've found a new way of interacting with one another that is healthy and really easy for us, which is great."

A close friend told People magazine yesterday, "She's at peace. After so much pain the past several years, it was an easy passing, and she deserved that."