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Cher: 'The Paparazzi Are So Mean-Spirited'

Not new to being in the media spotlight, Cher opened up to "Extra's" Lauren Sanchez about the hounding paparazzi and how her son Chaz Bono handles it.

"I hate it," the megastar said of the paps. "It's sometimes really scary... for that moment you feel so vulnerable because you're not sure if they're going to kidnap you, kill you or take your picture. And they're so mean-spirited. It's not like it was when I first started."

Her son Chaz has also been a target of the paparazzi, especially since his gender reassignment surgery. "I think Chaz knew that was gonna happen. That was something to prepare for," Cher said. "That's been happening her entire life because of me."

In the November issue of Vanity Fair, the singer said that she "sometimes" feels she lacked as a parent. When Lauren asked if it was difficult to be a working mom, Cher replied, "Yeah, and also I tried to drag them with me as much as I could. You do all these little tricks that you can do so that you can have them with you as much of the time as you possibly can."

After taking a 10-year break from the big screen, Cher is making her return in "Burlesque," which takes off in theaters November 24.