Bristol Palin: 'I Wanted to Put My Monkey Mask Back On'

Former teen mom (she's 20 now!) Bristol Palin and partner Mark Ballas monkeyed around Monday night on "Dancing with the Stars," and the received the lowest score of the evening -- with an 18.

The pair tried to swing a jive number to the theme from "The Monkees" TV show, wearing gorilla suits. After stripping their costumes, it was obvious Bristol didn't feel as confident. "Yeah, I wanted to put my monkey mask back on!" Bristol told "Extra."

The infamous progeny was in good spirits last night, celebrating her 20th birthday. "I'm gonna walk out of this with a smile on my face," Bristol said, in anticipation of getting the boot.

"We forgot our steps. It's fair," said partner Mark of their low score.

See who's going home -- tonight at 9:00 PM PDT on ABC.