Clint and Matt: Together Again

Director Clint Eastwood and his leading man Matt Damon have teamed up again in the new drama "Hereafter" -- and "Extra" shared some candid moments with the two men.

Does Damon remind Eastwood of himself at a younger age? "A little bit," the actor/director admitted. "It's fun to watch guys come along, the new generation of people because my generation was Steve McQueen and Paul Newman, people like that. Before that it was Bogart, Gary Cooper and those guys. So now this is the next generation."

Damon jokingly added, "Can you believe schmucks like this work today? We're really going downhill."

The two worked on the sports movie "Invictus" last year, which earned Damon an Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actor. Now in "Hereafter," the actor is getting that Oscar buzz again, playing a psychic who had the ability to touch someone and see who has died in their lives -- but who desperately wants to turn it off and just live a normal life.

"It's a curse as far as he's concerned because it's interfering with any chance he has of having a normal life," Damon explained.

If either of them had that power, who would they want to communicate with? Eastwood said it would be his parents and perhaps people he admired. "Maybe, you know, Louis Armstrong or somebody."

Damon laughed, "I would just like to figure out how to talk to my wife!" who Eastwood clarified "is still with us."

Speaking of Damon's wife, Lucia, who is due anytime with the couple's fourth child, does Matt think he can keep up with his buddy Brad Pitt and have six kids? "No, I think we're wrapping it up at four. I think we're shutting it down."

And how will he do that exactly asked Eastwood? "A tourniquet or something?" Damon started laughing, "God, I don't even want to think about it. A tourniquet?"

"Hereafter" is in theaters Oct. 22.