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The Hoff Provides Some Fun for L.A. Commuters

David Hasselhoff clearly has some time on his hands now that he's been bounced from "Dancing with the Stars." Country singer LeAnn Rimes spotted the actor Thursday on an L.A. freeway overpass, waving to people!

David Hasselhoff

She tweeted, "Omg, David Hasselhoff is standing on a freeway overpass in LA waving to people. Seriously!!! Can someone explain? Laughing so hard I'm crying right now."

The Hoff confirmed it minutes later, tweeting back, "It was me on the overpass. I like to make people's commute a little more fun! Give my love to Eddie."

And then this morning, Hoff tweeted, "So what an exciting day yesterday! Lots of tweets, decided i was a pine tree and got spotted waving to traffic by the 101 by @leannrimes."

Perhaps K.I.T.T. is missing.