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'Extra' Raw! Bill Maher at The Grove

Funnyman Bill Maher joined "Extra's" Mario Lopez on the balcony at The Grove's La Piazza to chit-chat about Maher's upcoming DVD release of his HBO special "But I'm Not Wrong."

Lopez asked Maher if he really thinks Sarah Palin would run for the presidency in 2012. Maher replied, "I hope not at all because she's a, you know, grade-A moron."

He added, "I just hope people remember this is someone who served half a term as the governor of a state with no people. I think the bar for running for president has to be a little bit higher than having a Facebook page, but that's just me!"

Mario heard the Pope even has a Facebook page, to which Maher quipped "And the weird thing about it is, under relationship it says 'It's complicated.'"