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Dina Lohan: Lindsay 'Will Be Coming Back to New York'

A defensive Dina Lohan spoke to "Today's" Matt Lauer on Friday about her daughter Lindsay's incarceration and stay in rehab.

"I'm not condoning drinking and driving, but she's still paying the price for what she did in 2007," Dina said, referring to Lindsay's two DUI cases from three years ago. She goes on to say that her daughter has "changed," and "grown up considerably."

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Repeatedly lashing out at Judge Marsha Revel, who this week removed herself from the case, Dina said that Revel went "overboard" and played "hardball" by ordering LiLo to 90 days in jail.

When asked about Lindsay's problems and all the media coverage, she responded, "That's all propaganda... You're reading things that are not based on facts."

Once the troubled starlet is out of rehab, her mother said she will make sure Lindsay returns to New York.