Howie Mandel: I Used to Watch 'AGT' 'Alone in My Underpants'

"Extra's" Terri Seymour caught up with "America's Got Talent" judge, Howie Mandel, who had an interesting story about how he would enjoy the show before joining the show as a judge.

Stepping in for David Hasselhoff, Mandel said he was always a fan of the show. "Most years I watched this alone in my underpants from the couch and had my critiques. The only difference is... I'm here now and I have pants" the comedian joked.

Howie added, "To sit here and get paid for it, I feel like it's wrong."

Sixteen incredible acts have moved on to the top 24, including Gabourey Sidibe's mom, singer Alice Tan Ridley.

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