Justin Timberlake to Replace Simon Cowell?!

With season 10 "American Idol" auditions in full swing, the rumor mill is buzzing about who will replace Simon Cowell. "Extra" caught up with Ryan Seacrest at "Idol's" New Orleans auditions to get the scoop.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that FOX, in a plan to reboot the show after Simon's departure, is looking to bring back executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, who shepherded "Idol" for the first seven seasons. Along with the return of Lythgoe, Justin Timberlake and Elton John have been added to the list of potential Cowell replacements.

Ryan Seacrest told "Extra," "I don't know who will be in the seat. They haven't made a decision, so we'll find out together."

When asked about the possibility of stepping into Simon's judging chair, Ryan assured us that he will not be in the seat. "I will host it," he said.