RPattz is 'Fired Up' for the US Soccer Team

Although "Twilight" vamp Robert Pattinson hails from England, he admits he's rooting for the U.S. in the World Cup.

"I'm kind of more fired up about the American team," Pattinson told "Extra's" Mario Lopez at the "Eclipse" premiere on Thursday night. "And I shouldn't say that! Geez, that's terrible!"

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As for the premiere evening's madness, Pattinson said he felt guilty, knowing that hundreds of fans camped out for days just to catch a glimpse of the actor and his co-stars. "That's why I'm trying to do whatever I can!"

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Pattinson is also rumored to be a descendant of the medieval prince who is considered the real Dracula. No, really! "I've just been told this, but I really hope it's true," the actor laughed, because, of course, he was born to play the role. "I know! I've always felt it," Pattinson joked.