Trista Sutter's Reaction to Jake & Vienna's Split

Former reality TV star Trista Sutter knows what it means to find love on a TV show, having married Ryan Sutter after she picked him on the first season of "The Bachelorette."

trista and ryan sutter

Now, she's weighing in on the recent split between "Bachelor" Jake Pavelka and his choice, Vienna Giraridi. "I can't say I was surprised," she told "Extra," adding she wasn't a big fan of Vienna, but was still saddened by the news.

Sutter admitted the show is very glamorous and makes it very romantic for the couples, but after the show is over, "You have to work to keep the romance and relationship going. You have to work on it and have fun and communicate, just like any relationship."

And what advice would she give Jake and Vienna? "It must have not been meant to be and that at least they figured it out before they got married."

Sutter and her husband live in Colorado and have two young children.