Taylor Lautner, Hungry Like the Wolf

"Twilight" cutie Taylor Lautner gave "Extra's" Lauren Sanchez the scoop on how he prepared his rock hard bod for "Eclipse."

Hours in the gym," he said. "But most importantly, eating. I have to eat every two hours."

The 18-year-old heartthrob avoided sweets while training, maintaining a strict diet of high protein. "Burgers, steak, chicken, all that stuff... Stay away from simple sugars which sometimes is hard and you just wanna have an ice cream here and there," said Taylor.

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In "Twilight: Eclipse" Taylor's character Jacob and Robert Pattinson's character are bitter rivals, but off screen, they're close pals.

"It's tough for me looking Rob in the face and having to be mean to him. Or having not to like him because he's such a nice, funny guy," Lautner said about his friendship with RPattz.

If given the chance to play one of the Cullens, Taylor even said he would want to play Pattinson's character, Edward.

"Alice is a pretty cool character. That might require some makeup... But I'd go with Edward," he told Lauren.

"The Twlight Saga: Eclipse" hit theaters June 30.