Jeannie Mai's Glamour Countdown to 'SATC 2'!

We're counting down, ladies... and the buzz you're hearing has got to be louder than the sound of my heels clicking together in anxious glee. That's right, every woman in the world is counting down the days until the huge premiere of "Sex and the City 2" -- and you, too, have got to get yourself ready for your own reveal!

Jeannie Mai's Glamour Countdown to "SATC 2"

Jeannie Says ...

Oh, that's right. The launch of this movie doesn't mean it's only Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda who get to sexy it up. Heck, no! It means that this is a chance for women everywhere to take a look at their own sexy selves and use this opportunity to make themselves feel just as sensational in their own way. And don't you worry, I'm here to help by providing the 5 simple struts it takes to saunter into a sexier new you. Let's start with what's always in... skin.

5. Go with a Glow

One thing we always notice between tears and laughter on "SATC" is each lady's soft and supple skin. Skin is alluring, natural and can create its own glow without the bright lights. The best way to exude a fresh, feminine feel and look is to have radiant skin. A glow is easy to achieve with the following few steps: 1) Exfoliate and moisturize in the evenings. Use a loofah and a skin scrub with moisture-locking beads to polish your skin and face the night before. One of my faves is Avon's SKIN SO SOFT Mineral Gems Luminous Pearl Body Scrub. It not only removes dead skin cells that can lose the luster of fresh skin, but it also brings a sheen finish to every exposed area to your skin in the morning to have you looking jubilant and soft.

4. Waist Not, Want Not

No matter what shape or size, every woman has a winning bod. This was captured perfectly by our glam guru Patricia Field, simply because she knew how to flaunt the female's best accent — her waist. You can too, by opting for more clothing that brings your eye line to the smallest angle on your body; your waist. Whether it's a jersey wrap dress, a slimming pair of jeans with a belted top, or even a sexy trench with heels; sculpt in that waist to bring in that bod.

3. Lovely Locks

As we watched over the seasons, we saw each woman of "SATC" go through numerous transformations with hair color, shape, and cut — and each one looked cunning in every cut and color. All it takes is a li'l tousle, a coy color, and side-swept bangs to bring it all together. If you haven't gone to a salon, at least pick up a color-rinsing shampoo that can brighten the tones of your current color. Use a Mason Pierson to backcomb your roots and flip your part to the side you least often use. You'll get a nice temporary switch-up from your norm that will buy you some beauty time until your next stop at the salon for something more daring.

2. Make It Up

Ladies, we've gotten way to used to the same makeup we wear just to make it out the door. What I love about "SATC" is how the makeup enhances the gorgeous features of the females, it doesn't overpower. The same can work for you just by experimenting with different colors and textures. Take your go-to makeup bag, vanity or medicine cabinet, and switch-out all your staples. If it's liquid liner, switch it with brown pencil. Nude gloss, swap with shimmery burgundy or peach, and blah black mascara can be traded for rich eggplant plum. Now play. Notice the different love looks you'll toss yourself in the mirror.

1. I'm Too Sexy for My Strut

And of course, the essential "SATC" stride, a must in every scene. Every leading lady had her own, and there's no reason why you can't, too. Here's where you practice, wherever you go, from the parking lot to the grocery store to the office hallways, make it work and work it well, until you don't even notice the heads you turn with that confident stride. Start with heels that are comfortable with a good fit. A good strut needs you to hold your heel to pivot, point, and stride. Second, begin walking with the conscious effort of your head held high and your shoulders thrown back. Third, allow your body to move with your walk by letting your arms glide naturally with your gait. After a few steps, you'll see the difference from a walk and a strut when you see your arms flick along with each step. And fourth, the cherry on top of it all, SMILE. Smile to yourself and silently say hi to faces you pass. Before you know it, you're knockin' em dead with sexy in style.