Sarah Jessica Parker on the 'SATC 2' Rumors

"Sex and the City 2" star Sarah Jessica Parker is addressing rumors about the film, especially the one about how all the fabulous clothes in "SATC 2" rang up a bill for $10-million.

"I love that that rumor was started by someone who had nothing to do with the wardrobe department," Parker tells "Extra" at the "SATC2" junket in New York. "There is no price tag on that wardrobe. All clothes were borrowed. We pulled from archives, runways. It's a rare treat."

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What about the one that Carrie is leaving Big for Aidan in the sequel? "I don't want to tell everyone Carrie picks Aidan over Big. It's gonna be a smackdown, a male smackdown!"

"To have John Corbett back is amazing," Parker goes on to say. "I loved there being there with John and coming back to Chris [Noth]."

"I had the rare opportunity of eating my cake and having it, too. I got to double dip!" laughed the actress. "I was contractually obligated to, and I always live up to my contract."

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As for the rumor there might be a third "Sex and the City," Parker can't even fathom it at this point. "I don't even know if I can think about that until I see if people get in line May 27."

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