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Ashley Dupré: 'Playboy Is Something I've Always Wanted to Do'

Former gubernatorial escort Ashley Dupré is fulfilling her dream to pose for Playboy.

"Playboy is something I've always wanted to do," Dupré told "Extra's" Lauren Sanchez in an exclusive interview.

It's been two years since Ashley was at the center of the Gov. Elliot Spitzer sex scandal, exposed as his highly-paid companion, which culminated in Spitzer's resignation as New York's top man. "If I had [posed] right after, I would have been known as Spitzer's girl," Dupré explained. "Now that I waited, it's now more about me, my story."

Sharing her experience of the photo shoot, Dupré admitted it was a little embarrassing taking off her clothes, but "everyone is so professional. They're focused on your hair, your eyes. They don't even notice that you're naked."

Dupré also authors a sex advice column for the New York Post. "They ask, 'What can I do to spice things up?' I tell these women just don't let life get in the way of your relationship."

What is one thing about her people might not know? "I'm such, like, a dork. I love barbeques and hanging out with friends."

As for finding the right guy, she's "looking for someone who's amazing and who will make me a better woman."

Ashley Dupré's Playboy photo spread will be on newsstands Friday.