Sam Worthington to Bite into Dracula?

Hunky "Avatar" star Sam Worthington is eyeing his next role -- as the bloodthirsty pre-"Twilight" movie monster, Dracula.

Sam Worthington

"We are trying to get it up and going," the actor told "Extra" at ShoWest, who won the Male Star of the Year. "We got the Australian director Alex Proyas, who did "iRobot" and 'Dark City'."

Would it be an Australian take on the infamous vampire? "I think we are doing it as Prince Black, the Romanian Prince," Worthington explained. "It's a different spin on it, a lot more tragic."

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As for what Worthington does in his downtime, he admits he doesn't watch a lot of reality TV. "I don't really get into them. I think they are cheesy. I like ones that actual try to help people, like 'Rachel Zoe Project' or anything on home renovation."