Celebrity Action Figures

"Extra" brings you a variety of collectible celebrity action figures! Now you can have your very own Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, or even a Barack Obama action figure! If there's a celebrity you just can't live without... take a toy one home!

Celebrity Action Figures


For the vampire on the go, a pocket-sized Edward and Bella.

Paris Hilton

Tiny Paris Hilton. Mirror not included.

Angelina Jolie

Your own UN Ambassador… lip liner sold separately.

John Travolta

You know you want one.

Kelly Osbourne

You can even make her dance!

Snoop Dog

This action figure may not get past airport security.


You can turn back time.

Bindi Irwin

The Jungle Girl in plastic.

Hugh Hefner

If you don’t have the Playboy Mansion, he will stay at Barbie’s Dream House.

Sarah Palin

You can dress her up!

Hannibal Lecter

Still scary, even though it’s just a doll.

Jack Bauer

The action-filled action figure!

John Elway

Still a hero, even in vinyl.

John Lennon

Imagine playing with this.

Michelle Obama

Fashionable, even with painted-on clothing.

John McCain

Very realistic.

Michael Jackson

It would be a thrill to play with these!


Very realistic.

Star Trek

The next generation of dolls.

Pee Wee Herman & Co.

Make your house a playhouse.


Norman… is that you?

Tony Montana (Scarface)

Say hello to my little friend.

Shaquille O'Neal

The giant condensed.


Yes, little top hat included!

Sigmund Freud

Analyze this action figure.

Edward Cullen

You can play with Edward’s hair!


You can enjoy these eight days a week.

Britney Spears

Notice the tiny hairbrush for her weave!

Bon Jovi

The hair is especially lifelike.

Vanilla Ice

Two versions of the one-hit wonder.


The comic book figures in 3-D.


You’ll go crazy for a Goonie.

Han Solo

Han and his trusty tauntaun.

Fran Drescher

Yup, she talks.

Robert Pattinson

Yup, he’s a doll.