'Twilight' Volturi Hit Rome Red Carpet

Cameron Bright, Charlie Bewley and Jamie Campbell Bower -- also known as the Volturi vampires from "New Moon" -- have headed home to Rome.

twilight volturi rome

The actors were greeted by Italian fans at the Rome Film Festival today -- and were joined by real-life citizens of Volterra, the village where the fictional Volturi come from in the vampire series. Scenes from "New Moon" will be screened at the festival today, one month prior to the film's release.

Italy isn't the only European country bitten with "Twilight" fever. Variety reports that "New Moon" ticket sales have skyrocketed in Germany, where over 150,000 have been sold since Saturday at midnight. The pre-sale ticket numbers even topped sales for Michael Jackson's concert film "This Is It."

"The Twilight Saga: New Moon" creeps into theatres November 20.

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