Patrick Swayze's Most Memorable Movie Roles

From rebel Johnny Castle dancing his way into viewers' hearts in "Dirty Dancing," to bad-boy surfer Bodhi in "Point Break," Patrick Swayze's most memorable movie roles turned the actor into a Hollywood favorite.

Patrick Swayze's Most Memorable Movie Roles

'Dirty Dancing'

Patrick Swayze played the memorable role of Johnny Castle in the 1987 romance/drama “Dirty Dancing.” At the age of 35, Patrick became a sex symbol and solidified his career as an actor.


Swayze played the unforgettable role of Sam Wheat in the 1990 thriller “Ghost.” His performance in “Ghost” proved he was an exceptional actor in romance and mystery thriller roles.

'Point Break'

Patrick played the “Zen-Guru-like Adrenaline Junkie” Bodhi in the 1991 action flick “Point Break.” Swayze stepped away from his leading man role and took on a more adventurous character.

'Road House'

Swayze starred as James Dalton in “Road House.” In this 1989 action film, Patrick laid the groundwork for future action hero characters.

'The Outsiders'

This 1983 film goes way back in Patrick Swayze’s career. In this movie, Swayze plays the role of Darry Curtis alongside many other well-known stars.

'Red Dawn'

Swayze played Jed, a teen leader who escapes a Soviet/Cuban invasion of U.S., in “Red Dawn,” the first movie in film history to be released in the U.S. with a PG-13 rating.


Swayze’s athleticism is evident in his role as Derek Sutton in the 1986 flick “Youngblood.”

'To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar'

“To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar” showed a very revealing side of Patrick. In this 1995 comedy, Swayze played a drag queen named Vida Boheme — all manliness was out the door in this film!