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Travis vs. Shanna: Twitter War Continues

travis barker and shanna moakler fight in rhode island

Drummer Travis Barker has a bone to pick with ex-wife Shanna Moakler -- the musician has added fuel to the couple's Twitter war by calling Moalker a "pile of sh*t." Ouch!

According to MomLogic.com, the on-again, off-again couple got into it after Barker and his nanny dropped the rocker duo's children -- Landon and Alabama -- off at a Rhode Island home where Shanna was staying, visiting her family. A source tells ML that the police were called, but Travis left before the argument escalated.

After the scuffle, Travis tweeted, "Rhode Island police are cool as hell, thanks for keeping child molesters away. On my way to NYC." Barker has previously accused Shanna's uncle of being a child molester -- an accusation which the former beauty queen has vehemently denied.

Shanna and Travis married in 2004, and officially divorced in 2008.