RPattz is Unattached!

Robert Pattinson says he's a single man

He's up for grabs! Robert Pattinson says he's a single man.

The "Twilight" superhottie is rumored to be dating his on-screen love interest Kristen Stewart, but RPattz tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "I don't have a girlfriend."

Pattinson, 23, says he doesn't know why he isn't seeing anyone special. "You always think you're going to get more girls after you've made a movie and it never happens," he tells the paper. "You sit there and you're like 'I'm a big movie star and I want to go out with some models, but I don't know why that doesn't happen," the coy actor reveals.

The British hunk says actresses can be "a little bit nuts," but he doesn't discriminate when it comes to love. He says, "I don't really have a type."

Pattinson also admits he couldn't always fall back on his boyish good looks, saying, "I always looked like a girl up until a few years ago and because I never did any sports or anything. I was always kind of gangly."