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Candy's Sugary Message to Tori

candy spelling is nice to tori

The Spelling ladies have put their ammo away -- for now. Candy sent a public message to daughter Tori, and only has sweet words to say to her.

Candy told USA Today that she only has one message for Tori: "I love you and I always will." Despite mama Spelling's kind words, don't believe that any reconciliation is in the works.

On tonight's finale of "Home Sweet Hollywood," Tori laments Candy skipping the first birthday party of her granddaughter, Stella. "I'm mad that I actually got sucked back into holding out hope," Tori says of her mother passing on the bash. "I just wanted you to meet my daughter one time... I made a beautiful daughter."

Last week, Candy penned a poison pen letter to her daughter about missing the birthday party, accusing Tori of using her children as "reality show props."