Shia: My Mom is 'Fly as Hell'

Shia LaBeouf loves his mom, is ready for more 'Indiana Jones' and is about to start working on 'Wall Street'

"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" star Shia LaBeouf doesn't regret calling his mother the "sexiest woman" he knows.

Last month, LaBeouf confessed to Playboy, "Probably the sexiest woman I know is my mother." Now the 23-year-old is responding to the public's reaction. "I'm not having sex with my mother. It's ridiculous," he tells "Extra."

LaBeouf says Mother's Day was coming up and "I don't have any problems appearing crazy to make my mother smile, but she is the most beautiful woman on this planet and I love her." Shia describes his mom Shayna, saying, "She's fly as hell. I stand by that. My mom's awesome."

LaBeouf and director Steven Speilberg killed the box office last summer with "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" and the young star tells "Extra" he would be game for another, saying, "Last I heard they're making progress in terms of the story. I know Harrison Ford is fired up to get back in there as soon as possible and George Lucas and Steven Spielberg want to make another one." No confirmation yet, but he says, "They're making progress but nothing is definite about it."

Next up for Shia is the "Wall Street" sequel, shooting in August. He dishes, "It's definitely going to be different. Just the financial landscape is very different. We're talking about the crime of the century." The star adds, "In this financial climate, it's very relevant."

"Extra's" interview with Shia LaBeouf airs Monday, June 22.