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Michael Lohan: 'I'm Here for Lindsay'


Lindz and Sam appear to be over -- and Lohan's dad Michael offered support for his heartbroken daughter, while taking a jab at her mom!

Despite Michael's previous bickering with LiLo over Sam, Mr. Lohan tells "Extra" of their split, "Breakups are never pretty and they're never easy. I'm here for Lindsay any time. I've cleared my schedule to go meet her in L.A."

Michael went on to say that he hopes Lindsay's mom, Dina, would be there for the actress. "I hope Dina takes good care of her in the meantime. At a time like this she needs someone standing by her side. It's about time she had both parents with her, without Dina driving a wedge between us. It's time for Lindsay to resurrect her life and career."